These demos work best on Chrome / Chromium. They also work on Firefox, but for better performance, especially on mobile devices, I recommend you use Chrome.
If you're on a mobile device, ensure you're on a Wi-Fi network, otherwise, these demos will suck all your data. You are warned.

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Table of contents


Desktop versions

These versions are meant to be accessed through a computer. They use keyboard and mouse controls:

  • W, A, S and D keys (or Z, Q, S, and D keys for azerty keyboards, or the arrow keys) translate the camera
  • The mouse allow to turn the camera just like in first person shooting games

Desktop controls

This is the default interface.

Desktop controls with bookmarks

This interface brings bookmarks to ease the navigation and thumbnails to be able to preview what will happen when a bookmark will be clicked.

Mobile versions

These versions are meant to be accessed through a mobile device (e.g., a smartphone or a tablet). They allow to move the camera by physically moving around the device (by using the gyroscope).

Free controls

This version show a little joystick on the screen, that you can touch to move the camera just like you would do on the desktop version with the keyboard. It also features bookmarks.

This version is still in development and the touch actions don't seem to work on Apple devices.

Camera path

In this version, you don't control the position of the camera. It is just like you would be in a bus: you can move the device to look around but the path followed by the camera is fixed.

It doesn't feature touch interaction, so it might be a compensation for those who have apple devices.

Google Cardboard

This version is the same as the camera path one, except it renders the scene twice, and displays the two renders of the left and right part of the screen. You can touch the screen to put the application into fullscreen mode (to hide the top bar of your browser) and place the smartphone in a Google Cardboard-like thing.

A few bugs are expected in the version, the main problem being the fact that the smartphone automatically fades the screen out and locks itself after a certain period without interaction, so you might end in the dark, I'm sorry 😢